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Build Your Patient Profile

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We have built an easy way to fulfill your prescription and consult with your doctor


Free Same-Day Delivery

Have your prescription delivered on the same day via FlashMed – Canada’s largest medication delivery service

Virtual Consulation

We are here for you every step of the prescription way, please click on the link below to connect via video chat with our team of pharmacists to address any questions or inquiries regarding your prescription.


Powered by the Best Medication Delivery Service

Our partnership with FlashMed ensures your prescription refills
and renewals are seamlessly delivered to your doorstep on the same day.

Patient Care

Everything that we do is with objective in mind: The Best Care for our Patients.
The consultation between your doctor and our pharmacist is key in ensuring
your prescriptions are carefully monitored, and the best care is provided.

Here for You

The team at ShopDrugs are always here for you to address any questions, inquiries
or further consultations. Our patients are always put first, every step of the prescription way.

Never be a $ More

With our mission to provide seamless access to medication for every community, we ensure
that there will be no additional costs to worry about. We keep our dispensing fees low so it
will Never be a $ more.

Building a Cohesive Prescription Process

We are here to build a cohesive prescription process between the physician, the pharmacist, and you: the patient. Our patient-centric automation is developed to take a fragmented prescription process and bridge the gaps to ensure your prescription renewals and refills are precise and easily delivered to your doorstep.

Community was developed with the mission to provide equal access to medication for every neighbourhood and community in Canada.

Whether you live in the North, South, East, or Western part of Canada, we have developed a technology infrastructure to ensure your medication is delivered on the same day.

Equal Medication Access is very dear to our hearts and we want to empower all of our patients to be one, no matter if you live in a rural community or a metropolitan city, ShopDrugs will give you the same level of prescription access.